Contacts and Contracts

Talarfor, Felin y Mor, Aberystwyth, SY23 1BU

phone: 01970 625635
fax: 0871 277411
mobile: 07970 089576

Conditions of Service:

Standard Rates

Daily rate £400
Hourly rate £ 55
Mileage 45p
Overnight £45
(no other charges for adminstration or any other costs)

VAT is charged @20% since January 2011. The business is now a limited company called Jim O’Rourke Cyfyngedig
( Company Number: 5732851 Directors : Jim and Helen O’Rourke)

You would normally contract for a specific task for a number of days which is agreed in advance although you may choose to terminate the agreement at any time and are liable only for work completed prior to the notice of termination; you will receive regular reports on progress at agreed dates and detailed breakdown of time spent, journeys and tasks undertaken ,with a suggested timetable and task schedule for the next period; satisfaction guaranteed with no liability other than for the agreed programme undertaken to date- no surprises and no bullshit- give it a go!