“Everyone has ideas, some people have good ideas, a few can make them happen!!!.....from idea to delivery, from concept to completion – this is the art of realization.”

Jim O’Rourke, April 2004

The Three Stages of Realization

  1. Innovation - the collection of ideas, brainstorming, thinking outside the box,transfering good practice from one situation to another, and then planning on how to proceed, choosing the route with the most potential, ensuring synergies with current practice and within acceptable development of the image and focus of the organisation
  2. Persuasion - all good ideas need people to deliver them, finance and resources- the persuasion of people to accept change, the development of new structures, accessing appropriate resources and the raising of finance in grants, loans or through the release of other assets are all linked to the skill of persuasion, the selling of the ideas, effective presentation of the case to internal and external stake-holders, politicians,or the public, through business plans,meetings,networking, presentations and marketing- presenting the case is crucial.
  3. Delivery - the processes of bringing the concept to completion,
    Setting out a plan of activities against a time-table which identifies critical points and forces which could influence progress; and then a scheme of work taking the idea to delivery and then assessing success against measurable targets

Whether this is an art , science or skill-set it can often benefit from a fresh pair of eyes, an experienced ear and expertise from someone who has been in similar situations many times before, who knows the sweet smell of success and the lessons to be learnt from failure, who can advise and lead you to make decisions which are enlightened by external support, and although not guaranteed to succeed stand a better chance than otherwise.

Jim O’Rourke will bring experience, energy, expertise and enthusiasm to your idea, project or dream, e-mail today for more information: or telephone 01970 625635 / 07970089576